°Celsius Screw Heat Exchangers
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Egg Shell Dryer

In line and fully continuous process tailored to the processing capacity of your company.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Is a continuing process

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Keeping temperature

Keeping machinery at the same temperature: The surface must have a certain heat or cold before being processed (to avoid adherence or greasing).

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Special product application: melting for recycling Bitumen fragments with a capacity of 2500 kg/hour are introduced with a temperature of 265C in molten state. Little stones and other filthy parts do not melt. The molten bitumen are squeezed out and the filthiness remains. The molten, liquid bitumen enter the production process as a raw material for the production of new bitumen.

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From the °Celsius Innovation Lab: Celsimix

Under controlled conditions the Celsimix mixes different materials (solid and liquid) brought together in a continuous process. During the mixing process any chosen amount of heat is added or removed to create or maintain the ideal mixing conditions.

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